Christmas Applications 2021

Hello everyone! Hopefully none of our viewers have had too much difficulty beating the summer heat. We here at the Justice League of Hope have some very exciting news! That’s right! Our annual Christmas event is beginning to accept applications from families all over the Grand Valley. Last year, we had our biggest turn out, both in terms of the number of applicants we received, but also in how many families we were able to adopt and for how much our wonderful community condated.

Now, we are opening up these applications several months earlier than normal, but that is because last year, we struggled to pull everything together with in just two months. So this year, we’re getting a head start. These applications will be closing in just a couple months, so it’s best to get right on it, and get your family signed up. We can’t wait to see who all applies. But in the meantime, do the good work and spread those Unbreakable Smiles!