Christmas Applications 2021

Hello everyone! Hopefully none of our viewers have had too much difficulty beating the summer heat. We here at the Justice League of Hope have some very exciting news! That’s right! Our annual Christmas event is beginning to accept applications from families all over the Grand Valley. Last year, we had our biggest turn out, both in terms of the number of applicants we received, but also in how many families we were able to adopt and for how much our wonderful community condated.

Now, we are opening up these applications several months earlier than normal, but that is because last year, we struggled to pull everything together with in just two months. So this year, we’re getting a head start. These applications will be closing in just a couple months, so it’s best to get right on it, and get your family signed up. We can’t wait to see who all applies. But in the meantime, do the good work and spread those Unbreakable Smiles!

Christmas Adoption Update

Hello everyone! The Justice League of Hope would like to thank everyone who applied for adoption for Christmas this year, we had a record number of applications. We would also like to thank everyone who helped us out this past weekend at our first Toy Drive events at CSL Plasma and Walmart. There will be more events in the coming weeks, but this is for the Christmas Applications. Even though we had record turnout for applicants, the Justice League of Hope is only able to adopt 5 families this year, and the applications are closed now. We wish that we could adopt more, but because of how hard 2020 has been for everyone, it is not feasible for us at this moment. The Justice League of Hope has reached out to the 5 families that we are adopting, so check your emails!

Depending on Community Involvement, we may be able to connect other families for Christmas, so keep an eye on your emails if you haven’t received one from us yet. If you have any other questions, I will leave a link to Sergeant-At-Arms Sean Lescoe’s video that explains everything a little better. If you still have questions, feel free to reach out to us via email, Facebook, or Instagram.

Keep spreading those Unbreakable Smiles!

The Justice League of Hope

Christmas Applications

Hey there everyone! It is that time of year again! The Justice League of Hope is looking around the Grand Valley for families to adopt for the holiday season this year. At the bottom of this little blurb is the link that will take you or someone you know to the application. Please pass this message along, and keep up to date. You are more than welcome to apply yourselves, for a loved one, or you can freely share this with someone you believe that we should consider adopting this year! Feel free to reach out to any members of the Justice League of Hope if you have any questions! Stay safe and keep spreading those Unbreakable Smiles!

COVID-19 Public Service Announcement

Last night, our very own Kazuo (Spider-Man) tested positive for COVID-19. He is currently in full quarantine. He filmed a special message that was too big to upload to our website, but if you have a moment, follow the link at the bottom of this message and listen to what he has to say. It is very important that we as a community begin to take the Coronavirus seriously, especially in light of the recent surge here in Mesa County. This graphic comes directly from the Mesa County Health Department. Please take this seriously, wash your hands every time you come home from an excursion into the world, and make sure you wear your mask any time you go inside a store or business.

Check out Spidey’s Public Service Announcement here:


Welcome everyone! We are the Justice League of Hope, a non-profit cosplay ground in the Grand Valley area dedicated bringing Unbreakable Smiles to everyone we meet. We visit children for their birthday, and in the past we have visited patients in hospitals. We also have an annual Christmas Drive for families in need. The Justice League of Hope can’t wait to see you all! Go spread some #UnbreakableSmiles!